Dr. Oberoi is available after hours for Emergency Dentistry for all patients suffering from toothache, damaged teeth or other dental pain


Toothache & Dental Pain

If you are experiencing severe pain, sudden pain and/or persisting pain to your teeth, gums or mouth you may require immediate dental treatment. Contact Dr. Oberoi and his staff now to avoid spread of infection or possible permanent damage.

If the pain is severe, has come on suddenly, has lasted more than a day, you have a fever, you have other  pain associated with your toothache, such as an ear ache, you should contact Dr. Oberoi and his staff as soon as possible. Whatever your dental condition turns out to be, it is best to seek treatment before such things as infection start to spread or permanent damage is caused to your mouth or gums. 

Dislodged, Cracked, Broken, Damaged Teeth or Fixtures

Alternatively you may require emergency cosmetic treatment to fix a broken tooth or fixture. Cracked or dislodged teeth usually require immediate attention and can cause embarrassment and discomfort. Your tooth or teeth may have been knocked out or compromised from a sporting incident, confrontation or an accident. What ever the reason you should feel comfortable knowing Dr. Oberoi will be able to help you retain your teeth and aesthetics. 

For more information on your treatment options, the causes of dental pain, reducing the possibility of a dental emergency and relieving pain and saving your teeth in an emergency situation visit Dr. Oberoi's Emergency Care page.

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